Raccoon Caught in Leg-Hold Trap

When we received a call about a raccoon with its paw caught in a leg-hold trap, we immediately drove to the location. The trap, which had been illegally set, could only be seen from the water and luckily a boater had spotted it. It was underneath a derelict walkway approximately 15ft up from the water. Clint carefully edged his way along the rotten wooden walkway and rocks and eventually reached the terrified raccoon. Carefully he released the trap from its swollen paw and put the raccoon into a cage. We examined the raccoon’s paw and although swollen it was not cut, so decided it best to release him.

Leg-hold traps inhumanely kill thousands of fur bearing animals every year. If you are against this cruel treatment of our wildlife, and would like further information please contact
The Fur-Bearers at http://www.banlegholdtraps.com.