Gibsons Wildlife Rehabilitation Center

Current Campaign: A Call for Help from Our Wildlife

Gibsons Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre is a registered non-profit society that has been in existence for nearly 30 years, and is run by Clint and Irene Davy out of their own home.

raccoon-kits-2Clint and Irene take into care hundreds of sick, injured and orphaned wildlife every year, both birds and mammals, from hummingbirds to Great Blue herons, baby squirrels and raccoons to fawns. The food, medical supplies, medications, veterinary care and other essentials – which are needed to keep each creature clean and warm – are always provided. But all of these costs keep rising.

In addition, existing enclosures and aviaries are now, after all these years, in need of renovation. Gibsons Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre receives absolutely no federal or provincial funding, and relies entirely on donations, so we are making a very special appeal now so that this vital care for our native wildlife on the Sunshine Coast can continue.

We need a dedicated building to house the wildlife, so that we can move the birds and mammals that come into care, from the Davy’s home into a new facility, prior to transfer into the outdoor aviaries and pens, and eventual release.

The Centre receives absolutely no federal or provincial funding, and relies entirely on donations.

peregrine-falconWe are hoping that our community will respond, and enable us to purchase a used commercial trailer that can be adapted to serve the purpose, and, in addition, allow us to equip the building with new cages to house the birds and animals that need care until they can be released back into their natural habitat.

Our goal is to raise $25,000 in order to make this dream a reality. With both online and offline donations now totalling $17,285, we are beginning to believe that we may not only reach our goal, but could perhaps exceed it!

We still have six weeks to go until our deadline of December 31st, and should we actually exceed that once only dreamed of goal, with any extra funds we will be able to equip our new facility not only with new cages, but with kitchen, laundry and feed storage units. This will make it a truly dedicated building for the rehabilitation unit, and enable  Clint and Irene Davy to make their house their home once again.

All donations, large and small, will be so gratefully received, and will directly help to ensure that Gibsons Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre can continue in its mission to give every wild creature a second chance.

Will you answer the call? Donations can be made on our FundRazr page or using the PayPal or CanadaHelps buttons on the right side of this page.

About the Wildlife Centre

Gibsons Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre is a non-profit, registered society, that admits into care wild birds and small mammals which are in distress. Each year we receive hundreds of calls on behalf of injured and orphaned wildlife. We provide for the animal’s every need including feeding, watering, daily cleaning and medicating (if necessary).

Treatment may be as simple as providing proper food, water and warmth to an orphaned fledgling until it is old enough to be released to the wild, or as complex as an operation by a veterinarian to implant a pin in a broken bone.

Some species of birds will not eat on their own in captivity and must be hand-fed. Others may be too sick to eat and are tube-fed.

feed-meFledglings and nestlings require feeding every 20 minutes to every hour, depending on the species and age of the bird (or animal). It may take several weeks or even months of care to prepare an animal or bird for a second chance in its natural habitat. All this must be done without destroying the animal’s basic fear of humans, for, once on its own again, its life may depend on that natural fear.

Gibsons Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre has permits from the Canadian Wildlife Service and the Ministry of Water, Land and Air Protection to care for sick, orphaned, injured, oiled or stressed migratory and resident birds or small mammals, but we receive no government funding.

Along with birds of prey and other uncommon birds, Gibsons Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre takes into care song birds and species such as crows and pigeons, as we believe all wildlife is worthy of the best care we can give it. The rehabilitation of wild creatures from hummingbirds to Great Blue Herons, or bats to raccoons means special housing, diets and care. This is very costly and time-consuming work.

Each day humans are taking more and more from wildlife. Help us give something back.

Today, more than ever, wildlife has to endure loss of habitat (not just clear-cutting forests, but clearing of bush, shrubs and trees in backyards), pollution and human encroachment (including pet cats), all of which is having a negative effect on wildlife populations.

Each day humans are taking more and more from wildlife. We, at Gibsons Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre, are trying to do our part in giving something back. Please help us with this task.