Make your Home Safe for Wildlife

With the ongoing encroachment of human residences into previously wild areas, our local wildlife is pressed for habitat.  One thing we can do to help is to make our yards, patios and balconies wildlife friendly.

This section of the website includes tips on how to do that, from removing items which are hazardous to wildlife, to designing and planting gardens to support wildlife, to feeding birds in such a way as to avoid drawing in bears.

one-of-x-cedar-waxwings-released-2015Attract Birds Naturally by planting flowers, shrubs and trees that are beneficial to birds

Feed Birds Only Suitable Food, whether at home or at the local marsh. Incorrect food will harm them, not help them.

Support the Local Bat Population by learning about them, building a bat house, or getting involved in a bat count.

Keep Wildlife Safe from Your Cats. Each year at least 60% of the wildlife we admit to our centre have been caught by cats and many cannot be saved due to infections that set in. This page shares some options.

Do Not Feed Wild Animals. Becoming habituated to food provided by humans can become a death-sentence to an animal. Find out why on this page. Keeping your garbage secure until it is picked up on garbage day, and picking your fruit before the bears discover it, are both important to protecting wildlife.

Clear Away Hazardous Items from your yard and dispose of hazardous household waste safely. Visit this page for tips on how to make your household garbage wildlife-safe. You may be surprised at some of the items that are dangerous to wildlife.

Secure Your House so that wildlife doesn’t move in.