New Trailer for Wildlife Patients

A Note from Irene

After two years and many hurdles cleared, our new trailer was finally ready to receive its wildlife patients requiring indoor care. On Friday, April 24 these animals were moved into their new more spacious abode.

I would like to thank the numerous local businesses which volunteered their services, including their tradesmen and equipment, and those who donated supplies. Thanks also to volunteers such as Don Kernan, Cornelia Van Berkel, Leroy McLennan and Carl Olsen who together spent hours designing and modifying the interior of the trailer to suit the needs of a wild animal hospital, and the many other volunteers too numerous to name, but whose help was nevertheless very much appreciated.

Additional thanks go to Jane Orrom for her GoFundMe appeal and to the many people who responded to the appeal with lots of donations.

We also wish to thank The Sunshine Coast Community Forest Legacy Fund who generously helped us over the hump, and the 100 Caring Women Group who helped us in the project’s final stages.

Lastly, this project would not have been possible without the support of GWRC’s many donors and the Sunshine Coast community.

On behalf of the wildlife needing help that will be coming to us in the days ahead we sincerely thank all of you.

Irene Davy