If you Find an Injured Bird of Prey

Firstly approach it slowly. Cover the whole bird with a heavy cloth, jacket, etc. Be careful of the bird’s talons. The talons are the bird’s defence and it will try to strike out at you. If at all possible, grab its legs from behind, near its body, and thus keep the talons from you.

Put the bird in a box, keep it warm and quiet and call your nearest Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre for help.

This immature red-tailed hawk was attacked by two bald eagles and ended up in the ocean with the eagles still attacking it. Mike Northcott saw what was happening and he waded out into the ocean to rescue the drowning hawk. Luckily the hawk, although soaking wet, was not badly injured. Many thanks go to Mike for rescuing the hawk and thus saving this beautiful bird’s life. (February 2015)