How to Help the Gibsons Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre

clint-with-seal-pupIrene works long hours with no government funding, supported by some part-time staff and a small group of volunteers, 365 days a year. As a community, we are so lucky to have the Rehab Centre to call upon when we find orphaned or injured wildlife.

You’re probably here on this website because you care about wildlife. Please take a few minutes to review this section of the website to¬†choose how you would like to help the wildlife centre.

There are many ways you can help out… you don’t need to have a lot of money to donate or a lot of time to volunteer. Small donations using our PayPal button add up. You can sell something you have around the house and donate the proceeds to the centre. You can share this website with a friend, so they know what to do if they find a wild animal that seems to need help.

Ways to Help:

Thank you for supporting wildlife on the Sunshine Coast!

Alison Taylor
Gibsons Wildlife Rehab Centre Webmaster