Woodpecker Nest in Fallen Tree

When an old tree on Keats Island was in danger of falling, it was cut down. Unfortunately, after it had fallen and split in two, a pileated woodpecker’s nest was discovered. One of the nestlings died in the fall but the other was still alive so was brought by boat to Gibsons and then to us.

Clint made an artificial “nest cavity” for him with parts of a log. When Woody became used to his new home and to being hand-fed, he would pop up out of the hole to be fed and then disappear back down it! When he was old enough to be transferred to a larger aviary, large logs were placed upright and he delighted in flying from one to the other and then destroying them with his constant pecking. Soon he outgrew (and partially destroyed) the inside aviary and was transferred to our squirrel house in the woods at the back of the property (it was empty at the time!). There he had lots of room to fly and we had our very own sawmill! By the time he was ready for release there was 6” of woodchips covering the floor! Woody was taken back to Keats Island on a sunny afternoon and Clint and one of our volunteers had the pleasure of seeing him fly back into his wild home. Goodbye, Woody, we enjoyed having you with us!