Support the Local Bat Population

Find out some interesting facts about bats in British Columbia, how you can help save them, and how you can live with them in an urban setting.

Construction And Placement Of Bat Houses

Bat houses have been used successfully for a variety of bat species. Regardless of the kind of house you build, the inner surfaces must be rough enough for the bats to climb. Do not paint your bat house: paint or varnish may be a repellent to bats. Rough-sawn cedar or cypress is best to use because no painting is needed. Bat houses should be fastened to a tree trunk or the side of a building about 12 to 15 feet above the ground. The best place is where they will get morning sun but will be shaded in the afternoon.

Sometimes bats move into a bat house within a few weeks. However, bats may require a year or two to find a new bat house. Chances of early occupancy can be increased by hanging your houses before April. Houses are usually occupied more quickly if bats are already present in nearby barns or attics.