Who We Are

clint-feeds-fawnClint and Irene Davy founded Gibsons Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre, located near Gibsons on the Sunshine Coast of B.C., on their 1.6 acre property. Outside there are various aviaries, including one 60 ft x 25 ft with a pond and a garden shed where the birds can go at night. A trailer on the property houses bird patients who aren’t ready for the outdoors yet.

Hidden in the woods at the back of the property is a “squirrel house” where orphaned squirrels go prior to being released to the wild. There is also a raccoon enclosure where orphan kits are raised before being released into the wild.

With over 30 years of wildlife rehabilitation experience, Clint and Irene received a Queen Elizabeth Diamond Jubilee Medal for their wildlife rehabilitation efforts. They were both previously active Board members of the Wildlife Rescue Association of B.C. and OWL (Orphaned Wildlife) Rehabilitation Society .

With Clint’s passing in 2020, Irene continues to run the Centre, with the support of part-time staff members and many volunteers, without whom the centre would not exist. GWRC works closely with veterinarians and Irene is a members of the Wildlife Rehabilitators’ Network of B.C., the International Wildlife Rehab. Council and the National Wildlife Rehab. Association.


The Centre has admitted birds as small as nestling hummingbirds and as large as mature bald eagles. They have also taken into care bats, squirrels, raccoons, fawns and seals.

After initial assessment and stabilization, seal pups are transferred to the Marine Mammal Rescue Centre for more specialized care and bear cubs are transferred to Critter Care Wildlife Society. On occasion, birds of prey needing extended or specialized care are transferred to OWL (Orphaned Wildlife) Rehabilitation Society in Delta, B.C.

Although Gibsons Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre has Federal and Provincial Permits to do wildlife rehabilitation work, we receive no regular Government funding. We operate solely on donations (which are tax deductible) from the public and some businesses.