Hungry Squirrel Caught by Cat

A cat caught this young Douglas squirrel. He was 2-3 weeks old when brought to us and luckily had no serious injuries. He ravenously drank the special squirrel mixture we made for him and although he was so young, it took no time at all for him to grab the syringe with his front paws and hold on tightly whenever he had finished the mixture hoping more would be added to the syringe.

He soon developed from a sleepy baby to a boisterous juvenile squirrel, instinctively hiding his food and exercising constantly. When old enough and self-feeding, we transferred him to our squirrel house where he could see the wild squirrels in the surrounding woods. One day we opened the hatch at the back of the house and let our furry friend decide when he wanted to leave. He eventually left but did return a number of times to his “home” until he was accustomed to being free. Now, when a squirrel comes to our feeder, we wonder if it is our little guy. We like to think that one of them is … in fact we are almost sure of it!